Friday, November 20, 2015

Trace Trail In the News

On a beautiful early-November afternoon, I finally took a walk on the Trace Trail and especially the Roland Sherman Memorial section of the trail that features his sculptures that I have watched over the past twenty years.

I enjoyed a look at the Sherman sculptures, especially as a fellow from the DNR told me that he and another person spent a few days sprucing up the sculptures, which indeed look much nicer than I have seen them for at least a decade.

Good, too, to see students on the trail looking
at the sculptures and visiting Genie Hollow.

And I got a message a couple days ago from a woman who writes a blog/e-journal about this and that matter. She asked if she could use my photographs for the article she eventually wrote for Only in Your State.  

She not only used a bunch of my shots from the Trace Trail, but she also included a video I made of the sculptures a year or so after  Roland Sherman's death and linked to a page about the sculptures on this blog.  

Check out the story:
The Incredibly Enchanting Spot in Nebraska Most People Have Never Heard Of.   

I also posted photographs from my walk recent along the trail. 

 SARA, the one the NRD folks missed. 


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