Thursday, November 5, 2015

Nebraska's Toughest Mile

Well, Nebraska's Toughest Mile made the evening news, a race in which over 70 folks took part, a record.

In the past, I did not take pictures at the race because of all the other Saturday, Homecoming events in which I get involved.  However, I am most pleased to have taken photographs this time around and not just because of the television
"Go Bobcats, Go Bobcats...

The costumes are pretty wonderful.  One Thing and Two Thing won, as I understand. 
The banana cracked me up.  And Hayden Kusy's garb for a chilly day?  Love the guy.

Watch the video to get the names of the winners, for the reporter interviews both of them.

After the race, I went directly downtown to announce the Best Little Parade in Nebraska.

And I got in the video at the very end!

At the race's conclusion, all the participants, including the dogs, looked a tad tired but happy in the early morning of Homecoming.


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