Wednesday, April 21, 2010

No Sex Please, We're British

Exceeding director Josh Young's hopes, The Peru State Theater Company's presentation of the British comedy "No Sex Please, We're British" drew over FOUR HUNDRED pleased spectators over the course of the production's four runs, from Thursday, April 15, to Sunday April 18.

And what fun the cast, crew, and audience experienced.

Enjoy the images I posted from Saturday and Sunday's laughter.

And you can also see a video that features a quick look at many of the hilarious dialogue and action, from lipstick-smeared glasses to rubber cudgels.

Click on the program that follows this posting to view the names of the talented folks who work to make Peru State College a center for
excellent drama in Nebraska.

Enjoy the video and the pictures and make sure to attend the next production from the Peru State Theater Company.

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