Friday, April 2, 2010

ICFA Conference 2010

I spent March 16-21 at the annual International Association for the Fantastic and the Arts Conference in Orlando at the Airport Marriott.

-31: Race and the Fantastic attracted scholars from all over the country and beyond, including Japan, Great Britain, Canada, Italy, Australia, and Mexico. (Left to right, Pepe Rojo, Dale Knickerbocker, and Bernardo Fernandez "Bef.")

As I noted in the blog entry for ICFA last year, I serve as Treasurer for the organization and therefore have an opportunity to meet many of the folks who attend this damn wonderful gathering.

The photograph on the left, for example, features Mari Tatsumi; Guest of Honor Laurence Yep; IAFA
Distinguished Scholarship Award winner Takayuki Tatsumi; and Mari and Takayuki's nephew.

delivered a stunner of an address--"Race and Black Humor: From a Planetary Perspective" (I bought The World Sinks Except Japan, Takayuki) at the lunch honoring him.

I look forward
this summer to reading his latest book, Full Metal Apache: Transactions Between Cyberpunk Japan and Avant-Pop America, and a collection of essays on Japanese Science Fiction he helped edit, Robot Ghosts.

I had read for my Children's Literature class Laurence Yep's Fairy Tale "Phantom Heart" and admired the narrative. So I volunteered to serve on a panel that included Yep that discussed his work.

Of the 65+ Children's and Young Adult books he has
published, I read a dozen and enjoyed them all, from his Star Trek novel that features Sulu, Shadow Lord, to The Dragon Prince, A Chinese Beauty and the Beast Tale.

I especially appreciated spending a couple hours talking with Larry Yep, a two-time Newbery Honor Award winner, after he gave his thoughtful talk, “Dragons I Have Known and Loved." I look forward to staying in touch with Larry and to reading the first volume of his new fantasy trilogy, City of Fire.

Hopkinson, our other Special Guest, delivered a stunner of a talk, "A Reluctant Ambassador from the Planet of Midnight." As always, Nalo--who nearly a decade ago visited Peru State College--shared thoughtful, provocative, and humorous words.

partner, David, also attended the conference. I always enjoy talking with him and look forward to seeing the video he made of Nalo's presentation.

What fun to see both of them and to know that Nalo's health has improved. Soon enough, more wonderful novels for us to appreciate.

In addition to taking care of finances, serving as "unofficial official" ICFA
photographer, and taking part in the Laurence Yep panel, I hosted an author reading by--from left to right--Kathleen Ann Goonan, Kij Johnson, and Tom De Haven.

All three
did an excellent job, and I read right away on my Kindle Tom's cultural history, Our Hero: Superman on Earth.

I had the pleasure as well of chairing a panel that included two fine presentations by (left to right) Kandace Lytle and Anastasia Salter--Amie Rose Rotruck is the Division Chair for The Fantastic in Children's and Young Adult Literature and Art.

I just managed to show up for my own presentation on Carla Speed McNeil's eight-volume graphic novel series,
Finder. The first two volumes, Sin Eater, are now available in a hardbound edition, and Speed continues this engaging "Aborginal SF" series on line.

I managed to miss a lot of events and activities but thoroughly enjoyed the one-act plays that featured some faces very familiar to ICFA members, including here, James Patrick Kelly and John Kessel, the tall one.

And we all took special delight from Rick Wilber's discussion with SF icon Harry Harrison, a great treat.

Well, I left out plenty, including the fact that friends Katy and Len Hatfeld received
Robert A. Collins Awards for their selfless contributions to IAFA. I look forward to seeing them sooner than later in Eugene, Orgeon.

As usual, I posted numerous photographs from the events mentioned and of friends and others too numerous to include on this short blog entry.

Owing to the large number of shots, the photographs are
divided into two sections, ICFA Part One and ICFA Part Two. As always, feel free to download any photographs that you like; you can also with one click download an entire album of these large files.
In addition, you will find a movie on You Tube created from individual shots from this year's fun, roughly in chronological order.

The video includes over a hundred pictures in some seven minutes and change, from Tuesday's opening party to Joan Gordon and Suzi Charnas's concluding toast.


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So sorry I missed your presentation on Finder! I discovered the comic a few years ago, and I really love it.