Friday, April 30, 2010

Misty Blues and Hoyt Street Jazz Ensemble

On Sunday night, April 25, the Misty Blues and the Hoyt Street Jazz Ensemble shook the Peru State College Theater with uplifting dance and electrifying music.

In their final performance of the 2009-2010 year, the Misty Blues, under the direction of Dr. Tom Ediger, opened the show with over thirty minutes of non-stop song and dance.

For your enjoyment, I recorded three songs, numbers the group performed consecutively: "Grand Illusion," "When You're Home," and "Man in the Mirror."

And then the Hoyt Street Jazz Ensemble, conducted by Dr. Pat Fortney, took up right where the Misty Blues left off, putting on an inspiring show, setting the stage for their final performance of the year on Thursday, May 29, in front of the PSC Library: Jazz on the Green.

I uploaded the group's version of "Peg," the Steely Dan
favorite, and a world premier performance of Randall Snyder's "Doc P Funk." Composer Snyder presently teaches The History of Rock at PSC.

Enjoy the video.

Oh, and I also uploaded photographs from Tuesday evening's Show Choir and Jazz Ensemble Spring Show.

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