Monday, October 19, 2015

Spring Festival at Indian Cave State Park with Feathers and Verses

As I have for a number of years, in the Spring of 2015, I returned to Indian Cave State Part for the annual Spring Festival.

 I always enjoy this event and generally remain at my station in a big tent along with carvers, Blue Birds Across America,  and the  Raptor Recovery folks for six or more hours.

This spring, however, after four hours or so, the clouds opened up, forcing any number of folks into the tent to enjoy their lunch at picnic tables the organizers moved into the tent.

Still, starting with an annual run and, now, pancakes, everyone enjoyed a good time.

And I got to talk with youngsters and adults about area birds.  

For the first time, I also ate the catfish lunch, steaming and wonderful on a chilly and wet spring day.  As the photographs indicate, The spring festival offers fun and variety for all ages.


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