Monday, October 19, 2015

Bird Feeders Return

After an absence of many years (owing to a wonderfully altered campus environment and Dr. Mike Barger's gentle prodding), bird feeders once again adorn the oak tree outside Fine Arts. 

Thank you for your help, Roxanne Shires, Kateri Mittan, David Norris, and Zayra Flores--and for your support, Elaine Hanson. 

And special thanks go to Gus, our helpful custodian, who found our ladder. Soon, the birds will return to entertain us all.

For many years, these feeders attracted people and birds, especially during the late-autumn to early-spring period when a wide variety of feathers adorn the trees.
I look forward to seeing 100 Gold Finch flit about the feeders like so many falling leaves.  

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