Friday, October 23, 2015

Mole Day at PSC

What better way to spend a rainy Friday morning at 11:00 than watching lots of explosions and things catching fire.  

I loved the igniting suds in the preceding pictures.  On the upper right, Dennis Welch and one of his chemistry students prepare to blow up an egg, fun for all ages, to be sure.

We all enjoyed the explosive hour in Hoyt 104 and outside the building where, among other things, Daryl Long put pieces of sodium in water with predicable results.

I uploaded lots of photographs from the event, the first I have gotten to in a couple years.   Dennis and the Chemistry students always put on a great show, colorful as well.

And who would not want to watch "The Evil Ghost in Hell" or "The Screaming Gummy Bear"?    Clearly an excellent example of better living through Chemistry

Well done to all involved and to all who attended.

Check out Mole Day from a few years ago to see a bit of video.

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