Monday, October 19, 2015

Once Again to Calvert Elementary School in Auburn with Gina Bitner's Class

For the past two springs, I have gone to Calvert Elementary School in Auburn, NE, where one of Gina Bitner's classes visits throughout the term with a class of elementary-school students.

Our students help the youngsters write and illustrate a children's picture book that Gina has printed for the class. 

I chronicle with photographs the day the elementary and PSC students read the finished products.

You should see the faces on the youngsters!

And what an excellent collaboration between the college and young students our own graduates will eventually find themselves teaching.

A couple weeks prior to this annual event, I visit Gina's class to talk about various kinds of instructional picture books--and pretty much whatever aspect of pictures books that interest me.

Then I return when Gina Bitner's friend and author Julia Cook visits the class to talk about her many publications.  In addition to making an awesome presentation, she brings along her tiny dogs, the cuteness of which the photographs make evident.

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