Friday, January 31, 2014

Nebraska State Poet Twyla Hansen Returns to Peru State College

 Nebraska State Poet Twyla Hansen 

On Wednesday evening,  February 12, at 6:30 pm, recently inaugurated Nebraska State Poet Twyla Hansen visited Peru State College.  

This appearance marked Twyla's first reading as The Nebraska State Poet, and I am thrilled that this special appearance took placed at PSC, where Twyla has previously read.

Before her presentation, we gathered for a dinner at the President Hanson's house where four of our students enjoyed the opportunity to talk with  Twyla about her poetry.

And after the reading, we all gathered in the hall outside of the Fine Arts Recital Hall for some conversation and refreshments.  Special thanks to President Hanson, Linda Moody, Al Dickhute and Dining Services for their help with this special event. 

I posted photograph from Twyla Hansen's visit for your enjoyment.  In addition, if you missed the event or just want to enjoy more of Twyla's poetry, I posted two sets of video in High Definition on You Tube.

The first of the two videos features Twyla's reading "Late Winter Survival" and "Palimpsest":

In the second video, Twyla reads from the award-winning "Dirt Songs:  A Plains Duet," a collection that includes fifty poems by Twyla and fifty by Linda M. Hasselstrom.  Twyla reads Hasselstrom's "Hawk in My Hand" and her own "Feeding the Hawk"; and Twyla reads her own humorous and ironic "Swiss Cheese":

To enjoy more of the Twyla Hansen's poems, just scroll down past the photographs and enjoy.

I am thrilled that  Twyla Hansen visited Peru State College again, as she did in 2005 and in 2010.
Enjoy the following videos of Twyla reading from her work from a few years ago.

Twyla reads "Nine-Mile Prairie" and "Corn."

Each of these prize-winning collections costs $17.00

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