Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Music Faculty Recital

Mr. Andreas Xenopoulos, Dr. Thomas Ediger; Mr. Kenneth Meints, and Dr. Jacob Bartlett

Tuesday at 5:30, members of the Music Faculty offered a recital in the Jindra Fine Arts Recital Hall.  

I uploaded some photographs of the event, which attracted a good audience for the excellent music and song.

With Tom Ediger on the piano, Jake Bartlett thrilled the crowd with his bass-baritone voice.  His numbers included songs from both Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Mark Adamo.

While I took some photographs of Tom and Jake, I will wait until Dr. Bartlett's own recital on October 29.  This presentation will feature many Shakespeare-inspired songs.

Andreas Xenopoulos offered a wonderful rendition of Frederic Chopin's Piano Sonata, Op. 35, No.2, which includes the familiar funeral dirge most all of us know well.

I recorded a few minutes of Andreas's performance for your enjoyment:

Thomas Ediger, on piano, and Ken Meints, on trombone, brought the recital to an impressive close with a Concertino by Ferdinand David.

You can listen to a few minutes of Ediger and Meints:

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