Sunday, October 23, 2011

Visit to Toadstool State Park

This Friday, October 21, late in the afternoon afternoon on a beautiful day in the Panhandle area of western Nebraska, I visited one of my favorite landscapes, Toadstool State Park.

The area twenty-five miles north of Crawford, NE, is part of the Ogala National Grassland.

I have visited Toadstool a couple times, the last over a decade ago. This time presented a special opportunity, for I walked the one-mile loop for a couple hours alone except for the distant coal trains and the occasional rabbit.

This time around, I posted quite a few photographs, trying to capture something of Toadstool's special and stark beauty.

Next time, my plans include the three-mile walk from Toadstool to Hudson Meng Education and Research Center, another excellent location to visit.

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