Friday, October 7, 2011

Faculty Recital, Tuesday, October 4

As the flyer underscores, quite a few Music Faculty entertained, along with the Around the Corner Brass Quintet from Auburn.

Time did not allow me to record everyone who performed in the beautiful new Fine Arts Recital Hall.  But as the photographs from the evening show, those who attended enjoyed a most pleasant and musical evening.
Aeolian II opened the evening, with Dave Edris on trumpet and Thomas Ediger on piano, playing Alexander Van Kreisler's Sonata for Trumpet and Piano.
I had hoped to record all four movements of Thomas Ediger's Rhodora--A Song Cycle on Texts by Ralph Waldo Emerson, but you can enjoy the video of threeRhodora, Friendship, and Thine Eyes Still Shined.   
Charllotte Shelds's beautiful voice accompanies Tom Ediger's piano.

Tom Ediger's piano accompanied another member of the Music faculty's performers, Kenneth Meints on Trombone on a stirring version of Camille Saint-Saens's Cavatine for Trombone &; Piano, op. 144, a video of which is available for your enjoyment.

 Time did not permit my recording of either Anne Sheedy Gardner on the flute or Debra DeFrain's on both the piano and the euphonium.  Both performances added to the evening's success.

As did the evening's final performance by The Auburn-based Around the Corner Brass Quintet:  David Fletcher, Trumpet; David Edris, Trumpet; Bert Fuller, Horn; Scott Vanderbeough, Trombone; Dennis Ehmke, Tuba.
You can enjoy a recording of two of the quintet's numbers, including the final offering, Bert Williams That's A Plenty.

I was pleased to record this Music Faculty Recital because I had to miss last spring's performances.

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