Sunday, October 23, 2011

Trip to Chadron with Student Senate Leaders

Drey Platt, Kathleen Niermann, Megan Botcher, Benjamin Rice, Mallory Sjuts, Elizabeth Zieo, Dan Perkins

On a beautiful morning, Thursday, October 20, I drove seven members of the Peru State College Student Senate to Chadron for the first Student Senate Leadership Conference, the first of many annual events, I hope, to follow.

Student Senate president Elizabeth Zito and vice-president Dan
Perkins led the group of seven senate leaders to Chadron State College for this inaugural event.

The meeting brought together senate leaders from the three state colleges, providing these students the opportunity to share ideas and concerns from their perspective campuses.

The collected images come from the various leadership
activities in which the students engaged, from an overview of activities and plans to some social events, which included both the serious and the silly.

And on Friday afternoon, Governor Dave Heineman flew into Chadron to address the senate members in attendance from Chadron, Wayne State, and Peru State College.

The governor also posed for photographs and engaged in a lively discussion with members of the audience.

Wayne State College plans to host this successful undertaking next year, and we all hope that this gathering will become an annual event, allowing these students to visit the other colleges and meet their colleagues.

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