Friday, October 29, 2010

Trick or Treet Fun Part One

Of Pumpkins and Zombies

Last Thursday, to begin my Halloween fun, I got invited to Neal Hall at ten at night to talk with the Trio Program students.

The topic fit with the late-night venue, The Salem Witch Trials.

As the photographs from the evening indicate, the students enjoyed their "lock-in" time. Among other things, they painted some wicked-looking pumpkins.

Oh, not horrific
wicked, for the finished products make one smile more than shake or quake: so wicked fun, as the decorated orange orb on the right suggests.

As I entered TJ Majors yesterday, October 28, on my way to the office, two students stopped me. They let me in on the secret: Zombie Attack at 12:15.

I rushed hope and got my cameras just in time to catch the blood-smeared gang as they exited the theater to attack the student population: "Brains, Brains," they chanted.

Stories of witch trials did not interest this group of theater-loving students as the Zombies contended with two ball-bat and crochet-
mallet wielding contenders--and a wooden spike I thought only killed vampires, sort of.

You can view a slide show of the events.

I also posted on You Tube a short video of the bloody terror--make sure to watch "The Zombies are Coming" at the new highest HD level, 1080p.

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