Friday, October 15, 2010

No Rain on RAINN Day at PSC

On October 14, the campus devoted itself in various ways to raising awareness of Domestic Abuse. The RAINN activities includes a series of speakers and a table at which people could sign and adorn the table-top paper with signatures and other signs of support for the day's activities.

Students also painted shirts to voice their support; and by the day's conclusion, over a hundred shirts adorned the campus on a stunning autumn day, adding color to the foliage.

I posted a series of images from the preceding activities and of
people I encountered while walking across campus and engaging in various activities, from getting a sandwich in the library cafe to checking my mail in Arts and Sciences.

At 5:30, I got on the Bobcat Bus with a group of PSC students and went Lincoln.

The Humanities Council Program included this year's Sower Award and the Annual
Governor's Lecture, this year provided by former governor of New Jersey and former head of the EPA, Christine Todd Whitman.

Congratulations to everyone who organized Thursday's events.

The shirts looked just beautiful in the evening sun.

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