Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Peru State College Music Faculty Recital

On Tuesday evening at 7:30, members of the Peru State College music faculty provided viewers in the college theater an hour-long treat that featured a trombone, a soprano, piano, and trumpet in wonderful variety.
Tom Ediger (Piano), Dave Edris (Trumpet), Charlotte Shields (Soprano), Kenneth Meints, (Trombone)

(Owing to an unfortunate accident, Debra DeFrain could not play piano for the recital, and we all wish her a very swift recovery.)

As always, you will find a series of images from the concert published on My Gallery. And give a look to the Music Faculty Recital from October 2008.

The evening opened with a performance of Concert Etude, Opus 49 (Alexander Goedicke) performed by Aeolian II, the partnership formed by Tom Ediger and David Edris in 1979.

You can listen to this stirring piece on You Tube.

Following this piano and trumpet combination, I made of film of Charlotte Shields singing to the accompaniment of Tom Ediger on Piano.

Charlotte sang "Rhodora" a number Tom Ediger wrote as part of his dissertation project that featured musical scores based on poetry by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

This piece appears as well on You Tube.

Next, I filmed Aeolian II again, this time the final two sections of Sonata Francais, by Franklin Deong, Andante and allegro scherzando, to which you can listen on You Tube.

The evening concluded on an impressive note, with Kenneth Meints' masterful trombone playing underscored by Tom Ediger's magic fingers.

The two combined to thrill the audience with Concert Piece, Op. 88, by Alexander Guilmant. Wow!

Enjoy the beautiful music on You Tube.

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