Thursday, October 16, 2008

Peru State College Music Faculty Recital

Peru State Music Faculty Recital

On Tuesday evening, October 14, three members of the Peru State Faculty impressed with their individual and collective talents a grateful audience in Benford Recital Hall.

Their show offered a wonderful variety of music and showcased the talented faculty. Tom Ediger, on the piano, played works of his own composition. He also accompanied his fellow musicians, soprano Marci Malone De Ambrose, and on the trombone, Kenneth Meints.

You will find a short slide show of images from the recital.

Tom Ediger, piano; Marci Malone De Ambrose, soprano; Kenneth Meints, trombone

You can also watch four short (all under four minutes) selections from the recital on You Tube by clicking on the highlighted titles of the works. As I have noted previously, clicking on the link for the "high quality" version makes a great difference.

Tom Ediger performs "Toccata," one of his compositions.

Tom Ediger performs Four Miniature Pieces: Harbor Lighthouse, Joker's Wild, A Pensive Song, and Carnival.

Marci Malone De Ambrose, soprano, sings from Ludwig von Beethoven's "Ah, Perfido, Spergiuro"

Kenneth Meints, trombone, performs from Samuel Rousseau's "Piece Concertante"


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