Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dr. Seuss At Peru State College

Peru State College President Dan Hanson and Elaine Hanson join Ted Harshbarger and student performers as they administer the "Dr. Seuss Readers' Oath" as part of the Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration held in the PSC College Theater.

This year, PSEA (Peru State Education Association) students--sponsored by Dr. Judith Ruskamp--organized four shows over two days--February 25 and 26--that entertained some 1,400
students from over twenty area schools from Nebraska City to Falls City.

As they did last year, the PSC students put together fun-filled shows in the children-rocked theater.

I posted quite a few photographs of Day One and of Day Two; for those unfamiliar with these postings, you can download single (and large) files or the entire album--with a minimum of "clicks."

In addition to two excellent student-organized skits from Dr.
Seuss books and posted on You Tube--Hunches and Bunches and Do You Know How Lucky You Are?--the students invited me to serve as Master of Ceremonies.

And the students allowed Chet Harper and me to "perform" Green Eggs and Ham. Chet and I are always happy to make fools of ourselves in front of hundreds of children.

The production also featured costume and dance contests, free books for all the youngsters, a book reading, and the "Dr. Seuss Readers' Pledge" led by Ted Harshbarger mentioned beneath the photograph that tops this post.

All enjoyed a wonderful time in the Peru State Theater and everyone involved in this worthwhile effort should feel very good.

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Becky said...

Jack and I loved the show! We read Green Eggs and Ham that night and he said, "Hmmm, needs salt!" Great job everyone!