Friday, February 12, 2010

NSEA-HEA Advocacy Conference in Kearney

Higher Education Advocacy Conference

Friday evening and all day Saturday, NSEA union leaders in the Higher Education Academy met at the University of Nebraska-Kearney for the first Advocacy Conference: the membership includes four-year institutions, community colleges, and educational support units from across the state.

I enjoyed very much getting to talk with folks from across the state and to listen to them voice their experiences with higher education in various parts of Nebraska.

The Higher Education District is a fairly new entity, and one of the (now) seven districts into which NSEA divides the state. Our district is the only non-geographic zone and includes only higher-education union members.

Leann Widhalm, Craig Christiansen, Jess Wolf, Nancy Fulton, Neal Clayburn

On Friday evening, members discussed the proposed reorganization of the NSEA and its effect on higher education.

The frank exchanges continued for over an hour before the NSEA leadership had to leave for the Panhandle, but we covered considerable ground.

The next morning and afternoon, Larry Sherer, Midge Dublinske, and Trish Guinan discussed various aspects of union organization, bargaining, and member rights to over thirty members who stayed for the Saturday sessions.

I found the meetings valuable and enjoyed, as noted previously, the chance to talk with folks in higher education from across the state.

If at all possible, the HEA will have an advocacy meeting each February.

I posted a number of photographs from the gathering in the student union at UNK where we enjoyed a great view of the football field, a wonderful room from which to watch a game, I am sure.

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