Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring Fling Talent Show

The Talent

On Monday, 27 April, as part of PSC's annual Spring Fling, I got to serve as Master of Ceremonies for the Talent Contest.

What fun!

A lot of talented folks gathered for the evening, offering everything from Stand-Up Comedy to Slam Poetry. Oh, and Pirates!

I posted some photographs of the fun for your entertainment and for your downloading pleasure.

The unenviable task of judging fell to a familiar trio of PSC supporters: Greg Galardi, Kristi Nies, and Ted Harshbarger.

After considerable deliberation that indicated just how difficult a task confronted the judges, they announced the decision:

First Place: Jason Mayer for his original song:

Jason Meyer Wins First Place

Second Place: Xavier Gibson for his version of "My Girl"

Xavier Gibson sings "My Girl"

Third Place: Three acts won

Tyson Wessels, Reed Hoffmaster, Logan Merz and Michael Parde joined in a band to sing what I call "The Pirate Song"

Tyson Wessels Knows of Buried Treasure

Amanda Pearson-Vanderbroek offered two wonderful and original poems:

Amanda Performs Her Poetry

And Devin Gobber dished out insights in his comedy routine about cafeteria offerings and other fun:

David Gobber Kept the Audience Laughing

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