Monday, April 27, 2009

Jazz Ensemble and Show Choir Spring 2009 Concert

On Wednesday evening, 22 April, the Misty Blues Show Choir and the PSC Jazz Ensemble braved oppressive heat and gave both inspired, perspiration-soaked, and courageous performances in the College Theater.

The students and their directors will not soon forget the evening. Now will the large audience who created air currents by fanning their programs and offering frequent applause.

As the photographs indicate, the groups worked very hard in the heat.

For the Misty Blues, I recorded their rendering of a Henry Mancini tune, "It Had Better Be Tonight," one of the groups favorite numbers.

The conclusion of the video also includes a brief slide show from the group's show.

For the Jazz Ensemble, who played after Show Choir quite literally "warmed" up the state, I recorded the groups opening selection, "
Car Wash," which had become this year the Jazz Ensemble's signature tune.

The video also contains at the end of the selection, a brief slide show from the evening's performance.

The Misty Blues
The PSC Jazz Ensemble

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