Saturday, April 18, 2009

Birds and Poems in Beatrice

Paddock Lane School Fifth Graders

Visit to Paddock Lane School in Beatrice, Nebraska

On Friday, April 17--around the time last year that I traveled to Arthur, NE--I visited fifth graders in Beatrice, NE, where we all took pleasure in Feathers and Verses fun.

I interacted with the 45 students at Paddock Lane School from 12:30-3:00 and enjoyed a wonderful experience with Dianne Aveyard's students and others.

This enthusiastic group of youngsters wore me out and produced some excellent results, writing, coloring, and drawing with both imagination and enjoyment.

The images that open and conclude this posting come
from two Paddock Lane students, who gave me their work as gifts that adorn the wall now in my house.

Peru State College graduates successful and impressive teachers who work throughout the state. And at Paddock Lane, I discovered that PSC student Jarod Remmers completes soon his student teaching; he joined in the fun.

I hope the slide show shows how much pleasure these youngsters take from learning, in this case about birds as part of my Feathers and Verses program.

And for some additional fun, I posted a video of the students' showing off their coloring and their bird calls, even responding to the curve I threw: what does a Doorknob Sucking Who Bird sound like?

I look forward to vising third graders next week in Auburn, NE.

Enjoy the video and the photographs.

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