Monday, March 6, 2017

Staff Appreciation Night at Basketball Games and Business Contest 2017

A couple weeks ago, I attended and took photographs at two events, the annual Business Contest and Staff Appreciation Night at the final basketball games of the season. 

I posted pictures.

The Business Contest brings high-school seniors from the surrounding area to Peru State College to take part in a variety of competitions.

In the morning before class on 15 February, I visited a variety of sites that took part in the activities in which Professional Studies staff, students, and professors take part.

This year something especially fun happened. The students in the following pictures, seniors from Tarkio High School, remembered me from when Chet Harper and I entertained them with Green Eggs and Ham when they were in first grade. 


The next Wednesday, I attended the final basketball home games of the season that featured the Pep Band, a variety of awards, and Staff Appreciation Night. 

This year might mark the first for Staff Appreciation Night, and I enjoyed seeing folks at the game. 

See the photographs.

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