Saturday, March 4, 2017

PSEA at Peru State Does Dr Seuss


Once again PSEA organized a wonderful Dr. Seuss Birthday Bash for over 1,000 area youngsters.

I served again as MC, and Chet and I joined the skits--Oh The Thinks You Can Think, Cat in the Hat, and Mr. Brown--with another four Green Eggs and Ham presentations.

For those who want to download large photograph files, just click on the link for either Thursday, March 2, or for Friday, March 3
As soon as we left the theater after the last show for over 250 excited members of the audience, folks arrived to begin removing chairs from the building the year-long reconstruction begins. 

What a most excellent transition from old to new.

I was thrilled to take part in this rather remarkable event and salute everyone in PSEA for their efforts.

I filmed the three student performances, beginning with Oh The Thinks You Can Think:

The Cat In The Hat:

Mr. Brown:

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