Sunday, March 5, 2017

Horicon Marsh, Ripon Area, and Headwaters of the Mississippi

Selling the house, a most frustrating process, pretty much consumed the summer months--indeed, someone finally bought the house at a price that we felt good about pretty much the week before classes started here in Nebraska.

Despite the anxiety over the house, we made a couple of fun excursions in addition to fun bike rides at Rush Lake and Horicon Marsh.

Our spring trip to the latter proved most fun, for many shore birds
entertained us, including Black-necked Stilt Birds and many others. 

I will miss the birds and the flowers at Horicon Marsh, a favorite
place to bike not easily replaced. The preceding link also includes a few pictures from the backyard and our almost cat.
In addition to our usual haunts around Ripon, we visited the Headwaters of the Mississippi River--pictures from the top of the page and collected on Flickr. The trip included a considerable amount of, well, unusual items.

This particular three-day trip took us to a variety of places and included some of the imaginative spots the program on the telephone helps us find, from a huge sculpture of a crow at one of the memorial parks we visited to Paul Bunyon statues in Bemidji. 

We also went bike riding in Lake Itaska State Park on a beautiful day that remain chilly enough for us to enjoy in comfort our new sweat shirts.
After biking a bit in Duluth and visiting the aquarium there after our stay in a hotel on the lake front, we drove home, stopping for a Bloody Mary in the Buckhorn Bar that features a two-headed calf--and a bathroom used by JFK in 1960 as he sped through the area.

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