Sunday, September 29, 2013

Peru State (#23) vs Benedictine U (#10), NAIA Game of the Week

While the final score (44-41) did not favor the Peru State College Bobcats, the game itself certainly lived up to its billing as NAIA Game of the Week.

In fact, in my twenty-one years of helping with statistics in the press box, I do not recall
a more exciting or well-contested game. 

A beautiful early-fall night at the Auburn High stadium added to the fun for the fans from both teams.

I posted some photographs from this thriller. 
Most of my time got devoted to using my binoculars to help with the statistics team in a crowded room in the press box that included in addition to the statistics team, radio announcers for both PSC and Benedictine, Ted Harshbarger, and the person operating the video camera.

Consequently,  I spent most of the game perched atop two metal chairs so that I could follow the game over the tops of heads.  

I enjoy the energy of the press box and took pictures of the activity and the view.  But watching the crowd also, and especially last
night, adds to the enjoyment.

Nothing like well-coached teams, national rankings and winning records to generate enthusiasm.  

I look forward to next Saturday's game in Falls City, which begins at 1:00.  

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