Monday, September 23, 2013

Twilight on the Tallgrass Prairie 2013

As I have for many years, on Saturday evening, September 21, I took part in the Audubon Center's Twilight on the Tallgrass Prairie Festival.

The festival took place at Spring Creek
Prairie Audubon Center close to Denton, Nebraska, an area of some 350 acres of Burr Oak woods and grasslands.  Check out the  preceding website, for the center organizes many interesting events, from bird watching to plant and animal identification.

At my station, Feathers and Petals, youngsters learned about birds and wildflowers.  I brought along small photographs of birds and flowers to include in their festival books.  

And they stopped often to color in bird and plant coloring books I brought along. 

Many also listened to bird songs on my Bird Identiflyer, songs associated with many of the bird pictures, something with which adults also enjoyed playing.

While attendance Saturday was light, youngsters and parents stayed for longer at the station to color and write. And as the photographs suggest, we had a good time on a beautiful prairie evening.

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