Monday, February 25, 2013

Spring 2013 Choral Concert

Concert Choir

Sunday afternoon, February 17,  at three, the Peru State Theater filled with music from the Concert Choir, the Madrigal Singers, and the Misty Blues Show Choir.

Take a few minutes to review the photographs from the three performances; you will also find the pictures ready for tagging on my Facebook page.

The Concert Choir, under the direction, as always, of Tom Ediger,  let off the program, and for your enjoyment, I published a video of the group's singing "The Awakening" and "Go Down Moses." 

 Madrigal Singers

The Madrigal Singers with Tom Ediger took the stage after the Concert Choir completed its program.  

On the video I posted, you can enjoy three songs from the group's presentation:  "Sweet Love Doth Now Invite, by John Dowland; "Since First I Saw Your Face," by Thomas Ford; and "Grace My Lovely One, Fair Beauties," by Thomas Weelkes.

Misty Blues Show Choir 

Soon after the Madrigal Singers left the stage, The Misty Blues, under the direction of Jacob Bartlett, entertained the audience for over half an hour.

The program includes some new numbers for the group, and I recorded three of them:  "She's So Mean," featuring Lowgaen Schmidt on guitar and vocals; "Viva La Diva" with a solo by Talia Cole; and "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better," with Katrina Umland and Jacob Buss.

Enjoy the program.

  Drs. Thomas Ediger and Jacob Bartlett

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