Monday, February 25, 2013

Concert Band and Jazz Band Concert

On Sunday afternoon at 3:00, February 24, the Peru State College Jazz Band and the Concert Band performed in the PSC Theater.  And on a beautiful afternoon with snow on the ground from the storms of late last week.

Despite not having practiced because of a perfect storm of obstacles that precluded any practice for the past ten days, the Jazz Band, under the direction of Pat Fortney,  belted out four numbers and obviously enjoyed the themselves.

Following this show, the Concert Choir, under the direction of Pat Fortney and Ken Meints, took the stage and entertained with a variety of

Unfortunately, a broken camera kept me from making any video of the performance.  But, as I noted in a previous post, the new camcorder will arrive in a couple days.

I did, however, upload a number of photographs from the event for your viewing pleasure.  

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