Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dr. Seuss Celebration at PSC

Once again, Chet Harper and I joined PSEA (Peru State Education Association)  for the annual Dr. Seuss Celebration.  I also served as MC for the program and got a chance to work with some amazing students.

The celebrations took place on Thursday, 28 February, and Friday, 1 March in the PSC College Theater.  The students organized four shows over two days and attracted and entertained over 900 enthusiastic and filled them all with joy
The students presented two excellent skids, Horton Hears a Who and Yertle the Turtle.  The first of the week, I will supply videos for each of the performances.

And Chet and I "performed" our usual insanity with our odd version of Green Eggs and Ham, which you can watch from a few years ago.

You can also watch our show from March 4 in Tarkio:

In addition, enjoy--and download if you like--photographs from Day One and Day Two of the presentations.  And, of course, take a look at the videos of the following excellent student productions:

Horton Hears a Who:

Yertle The Turtle:


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