Saturday, March 24, 2012

ICFA/IAFA in Orlando 2012

ICFA Pool PictureWhite Ibis at Merritt Island

China Mieville, Jim Casey, and Kelly Link


On Tuesday, March 20, I flew to Orlando for this year's IAFA conference, The
International Conference on the Fantastic and the Arts, the 33rd Conference: The Monstrous Fantastic.

Last year's conference featured, among others, Andrea Hairston, the conference's Guest Scholar. As many on the Peru State Campus know, Andrea Hairston and Pan Morigan, both of whom I met at last year's conference, visited Peru this past fall term,
serving as special guests of the College 101 Freshman course.

I look forward to seeing Andrea this spring inn Madison, WI, at WisCon--she will serve as this year's Guest of Honor and recently won the Tiptree Award for her novel
from which she read in Peru, Redwood and Wildfire. See the link for her Peru visit to look at pictures and video, especially of Pan and Andrea's dramatic readings from the novel.

This year's gathering featured three stellar writers and
individuals: Guest of Honor, China Mieville; Guest of Honor, Kelly Link; and Guest Scholar, Jeffrey J. Cohen.

I have known Kelly for the past fifteen or more years and met China at an ICFA conference in Fort Lauderdale a decade ago. And what fun to meet Jeffrey, with whom I look forward to talking more about Zombies.

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