Friday, March 16, 2012

Denver for The Break and More

Leah at Graduate School for Public Health at U of Colorado-Denver

Cary, Bill, and Leah at Rolling Rock Tap House, Denver

Cary Works at Avery Brewery, and I Like the IPA

On Sunday, March 4, I drove eight hours to Denver to visit my son and daughter, Cary and Leah. Prior to this visit, I had never visited the city other than to land at the airport--and once in 1974, I stopped with friends on the way from San Diego to Des Moines at Estes Park for a day.

Despite a nasty tooth ache during the visit from Sunday night to Wednesday morning, I enjoyed myself.

Monday, Leah and I worked and went to the University of
Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, an impressive area. While Leah studied with one of her fellow Public Health graduate students, I sat in a comfortable study area and graded a few papers before we left to see Cary in Boulder.

I loved the mountain-view drive from Denver to Boulder where we met Cary at his place of employment, Avery Brewery, where Cary works as a Brewer: great beer and a cool place to visit.

I sipped an excellent India Pale Ale and enjoyed everything
from the canning equipment to the folks with whom Cary works.

If you get a chance, drop by for a tour and a taste...and more.

After a quick tour, we drove to Lyons, where Cary presently lives--he moves to Boulder the first of April. After checking out the house and dogs
where my son lives, we went for an excellent dinner at The Fork, a small restaurant that lives up to its claim: "A food centric, beer-driven, margarita-adorning little haunt in Lyons, Colorado."

Begin your menu selection at The Fork with the Truffled French Fries, with Granna Cheese and Basil Atoli.

Fortified Tuesday morning by pain pills for the nagging
tooth, I looked forward to an afternoon in Denver with Cary and Leah.

We ate lunch at the amazing Falling Rock Tap House, located just down the street from Coors Field. Ah, the Tap
House also lived up to its motto: No Crap On Tap. I intend to hang these words on the door to my office!

The California-brewed IPA went well with (pain killers) a
Buffalo Burger--when in Colorado.

We concluded our afternoon with a visit to the Denver Aquarium where we spent a couple hours entranced by the salt- and fresh-water collections.

After a relaxing evening watching Zombieland, a Woody
Harrelson lark and an excellent bromide after a few weeks of this season's episodes of the Walking Dead, on my daughter's new television, I got up early the next morning and headed back to Peru with my ailing tooth.

Relief came Thursday afternoon when an excellent oral surgeon in Lincoln, Dr. Scott P. O' Nele extracted the bothersome wisdom tooth. And just in time, because Friday evening my wife, Linda,

We spent some quiet time here at the farm house, sipping Pisco Sours, reading fun stuff, and watching a couple movies, including Take Shelter, an indie film I recommend.

Saturday, we--and pretty much all off Omaha--took advantage of this early spring and spent the afternoon at
the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha.

Among other things, we visited the Butterfly House and got a kick out of feeding time for the Sea Lions.

Near the conclusion of our stay, we encountered a Proud Peacock and a rather randy pair of Flamingos, both pictured at the conclusion of this entry.

Linda left for Wisconsin--where I head in early May--on Wednesday morning, but I will add a fun blog page later about our adventures on Sunday about which I will write in another week or so.

I posted photographs from the Denver trip and of the spring day at the zoo.

It's All Happening at the Zoo

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