Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sharp-shinned Hawk and Squaw Creek for Snow Geese

Last week while I graded here here at Walnut Hill, a Sharp-shinned Hawk missed one of my feeder visitors and slammed into the window three feet from my face, knocking itself into Bird Lala Land.

The bird's daze allowed me to snap a few photographs. After half an hour or so, the hawk recovered its dignity and balance and winged away beyond my lens' reach.

My daughter visits for Thanksgiving, and this Tuesday late afternoon, we drove to Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge to check out the birds.

We saw six or seven Bald Eagles and a thunder of Snow Geese.

You can hear the roar on the video I made, especially in the final couple of minutes when clouds of the birds arrived for the evening.

And you can enjoy a slide show from the trip. The sights and the sounds at this time of the year make the area memorable.

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Shane said...

Such a beautiful animal! Your so lucky being able to snap a bird like that