Saturday, November 13, 2010

Auburn Public Library: Feathers, Petals, and Verses

On Saturday morning, November 13, the Friends of the Auburn Library--and many on campus know Heidi Welsh and Deb Clopton--gave the the opportunity to talk about birds with a group of interested folks, including a lot of children.

Heidi made the arrangements, and the library folks did a splendid job.

As usual for these presentations, I showed a series of my photographs of favorite and local birds and helped the youngsters AND ADULTS learn some familiar bird songs.

As the following photograph indicates, the enthusiastic audience colored and enjoyed the bird photographs I provided for them.

I uploaded pictures from the fun for folks to enjoy and, if they choose, to download. Watch the slide show and join in on the fun with Feathers, Petals, and Verses.

This time around, I also showed some slides of the Wild Flowers of Nebraska and Wisconsin that I began collecting over the past year, thus the inclusion now of "Petals" in the title of the program.

I enjoyed the interaction at the Auburn Library and thank the organizers and everyone who attended.

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