Saturday, November 13, 2010

College 101 for Langauge Arts and History and Social Science Students

Final day of class, December 10, 2010

On Friday, November 12, my College 101 class--Language Arts, History, and Social Science Majors--traveled on the Bobcat Bus to the John Neihardt Center. 

Students read some Neihardt, and Dr. Dan Holtz visited the class to discuss the author's work.

College 101 at Neihardt Center

Each of the sections of College 101 goes on a field trip, and the John Neihardt Center worked well because Neihardt wrote both Fiction and Nonfiction, including the famous Black Elk Speaks.

The class also read the award-winning  White Sands, Red Menace, a novel by Ellen Klages, who visited the campus and the class. 

This work of fiction, a sequel to Klages' Green Glass Sea.

Check out the blog entry dedicated to her visit--the site also contains links to recordings from Ellen's readings on campus.

And the class also visited the college president's house for an elegant reception; you can view and download photographs from the visit to the president's house, the John Neihardt Center, and images from the class presentations from the semester's conclusion discussed later.

For the nearly six hours in the bus, Sean "Gator" Lawler provided DVD entertainment. No one much cared to watch the movies I brought along--smart students.

Students completed final projects for the class that make connections with issues and concerns connected with White Sands, Red Menace and material students read about John Neihardt coupled with our visit to the center in Bancroft.

Students learned about blogs and then created two, Women in Science and  Weapons of Mass Destruction.  

For another project, some class members took part in a discussion of  White Sands, Red Menace.  I filmed this twenty-five-minute exchange and created three separate and short videos on You Tube.

The fourth group worked with a program that allows users to record directly over individual images in a slide show about our visit to the John Neihardt Center.

Enjoy the completed project.

Again, you can view and download photographs from the activities in which the students took part over the course of the semester

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