Monday, October 13, 2008

Homecoming 2008

Homecoming 2008 at Peru State College,
"Rocking Through the Ages"

While the score of the Homecoming Game did not match the enthusiasm the week of Homecoming activities generated, everyone appreciated the fun and the stunning autumn weather. And as the picture on the left illustrates, folks at the game enjoyed the festivities.

At this site, you will find some of my photographs from
Homecoming, including a few shots taken at the Pep Rally on a beautiful Friday evening.

The collection of images includes a few campus shots that feature both the autumn hues and the "sun set" of the Larsen building
next two the refurbished Wheeler Center featured recently on the blog.

The week's activities included Wednesday night's Talent Show and the return after a decade-long absence of a musical, I Do, I Do, to the campus community. The play enjoyed a most friendly reception, and we all look forward to future productions in the campus theater.

While I enjoyed Wednesday night's Talent Show and our reprisal of "Leader of the
Pack," I took special pleasure--and got many fewer bruises--from announcing for the fifteenth time the Peru State College Homecoming Parade.

Angela Allgood took photographs of the parade. You can find some of her collection posted here on Flickr; and here you will find pictures Angela Allgood supplied of the Halftime Activities. And Becky Johnson added a series of pictures from Homecoming located at this site.

The many in attendance at Chancellor Stan Carpenter's pre-game party at the President's House will not soon forget the event which featured a friendly crowd, excellent food and drink, and entertainment provided by the Peru State College Jazz Band last featured here for the October 2 outdoor concert.

I vote Stan host for future post-parade and pre-game parties.

Enjoy the pictures.

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