Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mole Day Magic Show

Mole Day, October 23, at Peru State College

As they did last year--click here to see the posting for last year's celebration--Dr. Dennis Welsh and his Chemistry students organized Mole Day, a National Day of Chemistry Celebration you can read more about at this site.

As Wikipedia notes, Mole Day is celebrated among chemists in North America on October 23, between 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM, making the date 6:02 10/23 in the American style of writing dates.

The time and date are derived from the Avogadro constant, which is approximately 6.023×1023, defining the number of particles (atoms or molecules) in a mole, one of the seven base SI units.

You can view a slide show of the fun and feel free to download any pictures that appeal to you.

The festivities included games of fortune and skill--such as guessing the number of Peanut M & M candy in a large jar. But the free food, including mole-asses Cookies, Car-mole-corn, Avogadro's Dip & Chips, and something called Mole-balls, which do not resemble at all the kind of oysters you can get now and again a the VFW here in Peru.

All the food attracted a group of faulty pictured to the left.

But the largest crowds came for the always popular and loud Magic Show which emphasizes the fact that you can have a lot of fun learning Chemistry--and blow things up.

And click here to watch on You Tube a six-minute video that features highlights of this year's Magic Show antics, noises, and colors. (After the video got viewed seventy-five times, I made a couple spelling changes--slow down, Bill.)

Make sure to click on the link for the "High Quality" version of the video.

And if you do not want to bother with going to You Tube, just watch the version posted here.

Enjoy the Mole Day Show.

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The mole: a very scientific animal indeed!