Tuesday, March 25, 2008

IAFA 2008 in Orlando

This year, the International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts Conference (IAFA) moved from Ft. Lauderdale to Orlando, to the Airport Marriott Hotel. At this site, I posted a slide show of images from this year's gathering that featured Guests of Honor Vernor Vinge and Greer Gilman--and Guest Scholar Roger Luckhurst. By all accounts, everyone enjoyed the new hotel and crowned the conference a great success. A flu bug nailed me but not until after I had given my presentation on a couple children's stories by Ted Hughes, The Iron Giant and the Iron Woman. And I also serve as Treasurer for the IAFA, which keeps me very busy throughout the conference.

You can enjoy the slide show or watch the following video made from the still photographs previously linked--if you prefer, click here to watch the video on You Tube.

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Stacie said...

Oooh, I'd like that one of me and Crystal, if you don't mind. One of the less forced smiles I've ever seen on a picture of me.