Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Green Eggs and Ham in Tarkio, Missouri

On Monday, March 3, Chet Harper (retired Professor of Drama from Peru State College) and I went once again to Tarkio Elementary School where for the fifth year in a row, we took part in their Dr. Seuss Celebrations. The teachers and students keep inviting us back, and we enjoy our annual visits and the festivities in which we take part.

This time around, Chet read
The Cat in the Hat to the students, who sported the appropriate head adornments as they listened to the story. After much laughter and my reading of Hop and Pop, everyone got into the jumping and twisting required to unpop the plastic. As the images indicate, everyone enjoyed the afternoon celebration, which included a film of Daisy Maisy--and then the youngsters in kindergarten and first grade grew flowers from atop their heads.

As the images gathered on
this slide show from the day's events indicate, all the
students and adults got in the Dr. Seuss act and hopped and popped with glee. Everyone also ate green eggs and ham with cup cakes afterwards. Before the concluding snacks, Chet and I entertained the red and white capped audience with our reading of Green Eggs and Ham.

And, yes, as the following video of the performance indicates, we admit to a lot of ham in the act.


Stacie said...

That's priceless, Bill.

Bill said...

We do enjoy the skit, all that ham!

Ben said...

glad to find your site....i actually went to elementary there in tarkio.

keep posting those pictures!