Friday, March 7, 2008

An Afternoon at Squaw Creek

Snow Geese at Squaw Creek

On Thursday, March 6, Linda (my wife) and I visited Squaw Creek National Wildlife Reserve. A good deal of the water remain frozen; however, the Muskrats emerge from winter relaxation, and masses of Snow Geese cover the area.

To enlarge a photograph, simply click on the image.

The White Pelicans and Yellow-headed Blackbirds I hope to photograph this spring will probably arrive in a couple weeks.

I will visit and add to the slide show, which includes a number of other birds, including Trumpeter Swans (in the distance), Coots, a Bald Eagle, Canada Geese, and the Red-wing Blackbird filled trees depicted in the following picture:

Though jumpy in places (I will bring a tripod next time), this brief video will give you a good idea of the huge numbers of Snow Geese presently that presently visit the area, filling the Squaw Creek air with impressive
goose music.

I look forward to my next visit and will add more photographs to the slide show linked previously and perhaps refine the video.


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