Friday, October 5, 2007

Windmill in the Rose Garden

Windmill in the Rose Garden

As I discovered the past couple days, not everyone knows about the Windmill in the Rose Garden, Ken Anderson's sculpture. The Rose Garden features a fountain at one end and Anderson's Windmill at the other.

At this site, you will find some images of the garden and the surrounding area. Ken's sculpture is part of Windmills Across Nebraska--Winds of Life, Nebraska’s first ever statewide arts and tourism project. Learn more about the project at this link. The following pictures offer a nice contrast between the late-summer images of the windmill and the ones I took on November 21, the time of the first snow you can see at this link. I also updated the slide show linked at the beginning of this paragraph, so you can see the contrast.

And below, click on the short films, for the Fountain sprays water, especially on a windy day, and the Windmill moves with the wind, as the short videos indicate. To see the video on You Tube, which offers a clearer image, just click here.

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