Wednesday, November 21, 2007

First Snow of the Season

Peru welcomes the first snow of the season.

Yesterday's weather forecast called for a "slight chance of snow" and for no accumulation. So today's fall and accumulation came rather as a surprise.

I awoke this morning to very cold temperatures and to this very forlorn and lonely looking Pine Siskin at the bird feeders outside my window. Just click on the picture to enlarge the little fellow with an ice-crusted beak. Unfortunately, the Pine Siskin succumbed to the freezing temperatures:

Just two days ago, this Monday, the mercury flirted with 75+. And the rose garden looked very much like this picture from when classes began in August. In fact, my friend Bill Snyder and I enjoyed a very comfortable cup of tea in a bench by the fountain.

This afternoon, the slight chance of snow and no accumulation created this picture, beautiful but not tea-drinking comfortable.

I created a series of images of the late-summer and fall colors on campus and mixed in the contrast the first snow of the season--on the day before Thanksgiving--provides. Feel free to download any images that appeal to you.

Even the campus Bobcat looks chilled.

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