Friday, October 26, 2007

Coryell Park

A Visit to Fall-Stunning Coryell Park

On the evening of October 25, I went with a colleague to and took pictures of Coryell Park, one of those gems that too often go unnoticed--in my fifteen years at Peru State, I had never visited this special place. My visit to this beautiful site open to the public for everything from quiet picnics to large weddings and receptions in spring through the beginning of fall underscored its special place in Southeastern Nebraska. As the following pictures indicate, Coryell Park combines natural beauty with beautiful structures, from the stone-sided chapel to a rustic foot bridge.

At this site, you can read about the beautiful chapel and the history of this park located six miles southwest of Auburn and some three miles from Brock. (From Auburn: 6 miles west, and 3 miles north--you will see a sign from Highway 136 west of Auburn.
) Wealthy from wise investments in the oil business, the Coryells created the park as a final resting place for them and as a permanent and attractive affirmation of their love for the area from which they came. The Coryell's endowment in support of the park's maintenance ensures its continuing as a source of pleasure and enrichment for the area.

Coryell Chapel

At the following link, you will find a slide show of the park and a couple shots of an old rock quarry located on the back road to Auburn. The images reinforce the park's place as one of Southeast Nebraska's Seven Wonders.

Coryell Park Foot Bridge

Old Rock Quarry Near Coryell Park


Coryell said...

hi! my name is Coryell and i live in colorado (i swear im not kidding) i was named after my grandmas maiden name. my family owned and founded this park, but donated it to the state of Nebraska a while ago. i was just looking for a picture of it and i found this site. ive never been there, but im going to go because the 75th anniversary of the Coryell park is coming up and im going because me and a few of my family members are the only Coryells (well, technically now we're the Claussen's) left. thnx 4 posting this. i finally got to see what my park looks like. again, this isnt a stupid joke. IM SERIOUS! come to the 75th anniversary (i dont know when it is. ill find out...) thnx again!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's crazy man. They should really try to do something to fix that.

Anonymous said...

My maiden name is Coryell - My parents are still alive, I have an aunt in Wyoming (her last name is Coryell), I have a brother & nephews with the Coryell last name, and two sisters. It's a rare name, that's for sure. Unfortunately we are not related to the Coryell's who are responsible for the beautiful park, at least not in recent history. I think all the Coryells are related if you go back a couple of hundred years. I live in Blair, Nebraska. I know years ago there was a car dealership in Pender, Nebraska. Maybe that was part of your family, too.