Sunday, October 9, 2016

Feathers and Verses at Indian Cave and at Nebraska City

Near the end of the semester, Feathers and Verses presentations kept me happily occupied.

The exact May dates matter little at this juncture. And as the photographs indicate, we all enjoyed an instructive and enjoyable time.

For Arbor Day, I gave a couple presentations of Feathers Verses at the beautiful Keeping Room--thanks to Kelly Baquette for inviting me.

As matters turned out, Julie Mancini wrote an article about Saturday's presentation that got featured on the front page of Nebraska City's "The News Press" on Friday, May 6. 

Brightens up the semester's conclusion! Thank you Julie.
On Saturday morning previous to my presentation--I look forward to making a return trip this spring--at the Keeping Room, I spent most of the morning at Indian Cave where for probably the tenth year in a row, I took part in the annual Spring Festival.

This year, rain fell almost the entire morning. But, really, the youngsters in particular paid little mind to the wet. At my station, they colored pictures, wrote some poems, and learned about birds and their songs.

This time of the year is special to me and invigorating, energy for the term's conclusion.

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