Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Squaw Creek, Marritt Island, and Gatorland

On the way to the Kansas City airport to catch a flight to Orlando for the annual ICFA Conference, I stopped at Squaw Creek to see the Snow Geese, Trumpeter Swans, and other birds.

My attempts to take video of the mass Snow-Geese mass met with drained batteries.

As I have in the past few years, I arrived a day early to the conference and drove in the morning to Merritt Island to drive through the sanctuary.  

Low water made the bird watching less exciting than in the past couple years; however, I enjoyed the warm weather and like this area near the Kennedy Space Center.  

That Saturday, I and a group of other IAFA folks went early in the morning to see the birds at Gator Land.  The previous year, I had gone along but this time enjoyed myself much more with a group of folks, including Nedi, one of the conference's featured guests.

 While Nedi did not enjoy the gators all that much, she and the rest of us marveled at the nesting birds on a beautiful morning.   Last
year, mist and rain greeted me.

I look forward to seeing both areas again this spring in Orlando. 

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