Friday, August 30, 2013

Horicon Marsh and the Milwaukee Zoo

While we did not get out on the bikes nearly as often as we had planned, Linda and I tried now and again to get out of the house's cool comfort to visit here and there in addition to the two weeks in Morocco.

In the backyard, Black-capped Chickadees nested in the Peru State
Bird House and entertained after they hatched and continued to return to the feeder and birdbath near their place of birth.

I loaded some pictures from the backyard in early spring before most of the flowers either grew or bloomed.

Instead of biking at Horicon Marsh, a place I enjoy, we spent one hot afternoon there walking the boardwalk and on a trail.  Lots of pretty wildflowers.  Next year, we will return to this favorite place more often.

We had not visited the Milwaukee Zoo since the children were small, so one morning Linda and I drove there, a hot afternoon as matters turned out, and walked for five or six hours.

The Milwaukee Zoo, as the photographs (which include some of our house in Ripon) suggest, offers visitors a lot, but I wanted to see in particular the aviary.  We found the aviary delightful.  And Linda loved the tigers.

 Milwaukee Zoo

 Aviary at Milwaukee Zoo with a Scarlet Ibis

 Horicon Marsh

Crop Rings In My Yard

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