Friday, August 30, 2013

From Ripon to Peru

Vivian and Spencer Davis and Linda at Whiskey Run and NEA Union Meeting

 Road to the Farm House

A Yellow Warbler at the House

Linda and I left home in Ripon and drove down to Peru together on August 13, and she returned that Saturday to begin her new year at Ripon College, number 27, I think--or perhaps 28.  At any rate, Linda is a Professor of French.

We enjoyed a quiet three full days at the house, a pleasant way to make the separation less severe after a wonderful and busy summer that included two weeks in Morocco, a couple outings in Wisconsin, and a trip to Colorado in addition to relaxing in the house and yard.

After the All-Faculty Meeting on Friday morning, Linda and I attended an NEA meeting in Brownville, at Whisky Run Creek Vinyard and Winery.  In addition to a brief meeting, we enjoyed good food and wine.

Most important for me, Linda got to meet many faculty members for the first time since I began teaching at Peru State College.

And for the past two weeks since Linda's departure, I turned my attention, of course, to the beginning of the new term but also to photographing the variety of birds that visit my feeders.

At any rate, I published a set of photographs--from Ripon to Peru--that capture some of the past two weeks and change since I left Ripon and began a new year at Peru State College.

I will now begin a new set of photographs devoted to Summer to Fall Birds on the Farm.

 Geezer of the Corn

 Another Geezer of the Corn

 Yellow-billed Cuckoo

 Northern Cardinal

  Ruby-throated Hummingbird

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