Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fat Tuesday with Soul Specimen

John Hnida, Thomas Horkey, Laura Fortney, Phil Chinske, and Pat Fortney


On Tuesday night after Honor Choir, I went to Shooters Bar down the hill from the college to photograph, to film, and to enjoy Soul Specimen's sounds.

The Fat Tuesday fun attracted a good crowd to Shooters,
and I stayed for a set and took a series of pictures that feature the band members and the horns that joined Soul Specimen for a number.

Two of the videos I created showcase Laura Fortney on vocals, the first a Soul Specimen original the group performed live for the first time that evening.

To conclude the first set, Laura and the band belted out "White Rabbit," a song she last performed while very pregnant at Oakfest this past September.

You will also enjoy a part of the entertaining jam session, All That Brass, that includes Wil Gleason on Trumpet, Jake Acers on Trumpet, Michael Casavant on Trombone, and Pat Fortney on Tuba.

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