Thursday, March 10, 2011

Winter Band Concert


On Sunday afternoon on 27 February, the Peru State College Concert Band and Hoyt Street Jazz Ensemble entertained in the College Theater.

As the preceding blog entries indicate, the PSC bands and choral groups enjoyed a busy time.

Camera problems and a dreadful cold slowed my progress, but I posted a number of photographs that should indicate the performers' delight and intensity at the afternoon show on a gray and chilly day.

In addition to the photographs, I also posted on Your Tube three videos from the impressive performances.

First up, you will enjoy the band's version of "The Florentiner," a piece by Julius Fucik that
showcases pretty much each instrument in the Concert Band.  And then I posted the group's performance of "Intermezzo" from Second Symphony for Band by Frank Erickson.

After the Concert Band completed its show, the Hoyt Street Jazz Ensemble jumped to action. 

I recorded two of the Ensemble's pieces, "A Night in Tunisia," a new Mambo number for the band.  In addition, you will enjoy on the same video Jane Henry's belting out "Chain of Fools."  

Unfortunately, camera problems prevailed.  I only got three minutes of Henry's wonderful song, and fewer photographs than I would have liked.

But I figured out the movie camera's problem--actually my own lapse--and over the break, I bought a new camera to replace the older and warm member of my set of two.  

So I am ready for the second half of the term.

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